Drones are awesome – here’s why!

Drones are awesome – here’s why!

In this day and age, the advancement of technology has become faster than ever. And with that comes the rise in popularity of hi-tech toys and gadgets like 3D printers, hoverboards, and drones. In fact, hundreds and thousands of people make up the drone community, enthusiasts of drones, amateurs and hobbyists alike. So what makes drones with camera so awesome (aside from being flying robots)?

  1. Several industries benefit from it – The movie, photography, agriculture, geography, and architecture industry, among many, have found innovative and creative ways to get things done with drones. For instance, in the movie industry, there is now an easier way to take unique shots that require aerial access. Drones can be used to keep track of things from a distance, take bird’s-eye-view photographs with ease, utilize mobile, automated surveillance and more. Who knows— in the future, we may be using drones for just about everything!
  2. It can be used for both work and play – Drones can be used for both work (as mentioned before) and recreational purposes. It’s not just for big industries. Anyone can use drones for their entertainment, or as a utility. What more could you ask for, with the cool camera effects it can do and first person view while it’s flying? Also, did you know that drone racing is a thing? Have fun with your friends, or even join the official tournaments! Drone surfing is a thing, too, and it’s as awesome as it sounds.
  3. Drones can save lives – With the implementation of drone technology in natural disasters and emergencies such as earthquakes and floods, many lives can be saved. Additionally, a drone prototype that detects and destroys landmines has been developed.
  4. The future is now – As cemented by the previous points, drones have definitely contributed much to society. It’s not just a toy, it may just be one of the revolutionary gadgets of this century. For instance, researchers have been using “doctor” drones to help prevent whales from getting extinct, farmers, to monitor their crops; There’s even a drone to deliver your mail, and an underwater drone for treasure-hunting…  It’s almost like they’re being used everywhere.

…And that, my friends, is why drones are awesome.

Drones have been proven to be extremely versatile. Indeed, they seem to be one of the gadgets of the future, along with the 3D printer and many other inventions made with the advancement of technology.

Hubsan H111D – One of the best drones for kids and dogs

Hubsan H111D – One of the best drones for kids and dogs

Hello and welcome to another Drones Globe review! As always we are ready to bring to you the best and most updated drone related information possible. Therefore, here we are, reviewing a very recent Hubsan release. And since our aim is to always make sure you get the best value for your money or at least get the needed information to make your own decision. With this being said let us move on to discuss Hubsan H111D! Many people agree this is one of the best drones for youngsters and/or dogs. Do you agree? If you have been looking for a nano FPV (real time video transmission) quadcopter with all you need to fly FPV ready out of the box, you have come to the right place. Hubsan H111D is definitely one of the most promising small FPV drones currently being released into the market. It is surprisingly affordable considering its quality and it features its own FPV monitor, on top of that it also includes one of the most recent features in low-cost drones the Altitude Holder! Yes, you read it well, one more affordable Toy Grade drone with Altitude Holder (also known as Barometer Set Height). Drones Globe has predicted in the past that a wide variety of new Toy drones would include this feature and its happening! Let us take a deeper look into this amazing and affordable nano FPV quadcopter by Hubsan.

Camera and FPV

First of all, Hubsan Q4 H111D comes in a complete FPV package and it’s the FPV version of another Hubsan release the H111C (only camera, no FPV). Real time video transmission is currently one of the most sought features among drone enthusiasts and casual flyers. While most companies are releasing FPV products which demand the pilot to own a smartphone in order to connect via WiFi and display video to its screen, this Q4 H111D goes further! Still for a very affordable price, Hubsan has included a built-in 4.3” screen on the 2.4 GHz remote controller (with 4 channels) in order to display good quality live video. It would be expected of this drone to have a higher price tag due to having its own FPV monitor, but no, Hubsan invested in a great FPV flyer with no need to save on the live video monitor. Real time video transmission is done via 5.8 GHz frequency. The camera records and displays 720p video (yet to be confirmed) and its megapixels are still not known, most likely it will be 0.3MP or 1MP (2MP would be great, let’s wait and see!). Camera is, obviously, also capable of taking photographs.


Stable in air

Hubsan Q4 H111D is a great flyer and it will fit the needs of even the most of beginners. It has a 6 Axis Gyro which ensures good stability and control. Besides being a nano quadcopter (very small) H111D is also very lightweight (only 50gr) making it a perfect Toy to take anywhere easily inside your pocket or backpack. It is capable of flying both indoor and outdoor. Its control distance (considering it’s a nano FPV) it’s very decent, ranging between 50 and 100 meters (live video transmission is 100 meters). Since it’s a small and affordable FPV toy quadcopter its range is slightly above the average control distance for quadcopters within this budget (with this characteristics).

Altitude holder feature is here too!

Now let’s discuss one of the most important characteristics of Hubsan Q4 H111D, its features. As you may already be aware by now, if you follow Drones Globe regularly, for quite some time we have been announcing Altitude Holder as the feature on the spotlight for this year of 2016 in the low-cost Toy Grade drone market. Our prediction has come true, indeed Altitude Holder (or Barometer Set Height) has become one of the most implemented features on camera drones. Of course Hubsan couldn’t stay behind of its competitors, therefore they have included Altitude Holder in this great line of nano models. Altitude Holder allows the pilot to lock the drone’s height, therefore H111D will maintain that same height without user’s input. This allows pilot to focus on recording aerial footage, taking photos or watching the live video on its FPV monitor. Besides this amazing and innovative feature on the low-cost drone market, H111D also features the, nowadays, more common Headless Mode (for easier orientation despite where drone’s front is pointing at), LED lights for night flights and 360º aerial rollover with just the push of a button. A great set of features, if Hubsan had included Home Return it would have been perfect!

Concerning drone’s battery it uses a 3.7 voltage 180mAh lipo, a small battery capable of powering up to 7 minutes of flight time. However, when using camera and FPV the time will obviously reduce, if so expect only 5 minutes. Not the best flight time out there in the market, but if we take into consideration the size of the battery and all what has to power it is understandable. The 2.4 Ghz remote controller does not use a chargeable battery, instead it uses four AA batteries. The 180mAh lipo battery takes only 30 minutes to fully charge, therefore it won’t take long before you can get back in the air!

What do you think of our Hubsan Q4 H111D review? Were you aware of this new Hubsan product? Are you considering buying a nano PFV quadcopter? I’m sure you won’t regret buying it for yourself or offering it to someone. It will ensure fun and good aerial footage, either indoor or outdoor! Link this review to any of your friends looking for a nano quadcopter with a complete FPV package and don’t forget to bookmark our page for more drone related information! Leave a comment on the section below telling us your opinion! Happy flying fellow drone lovers!

THE GOOD Hubsan Q4 H111D promises to be an amazing nano FPV quadcopter to fly both indoor and outdoor. Easy to control, very stable, even the most of beginners won’t have a hard time controlling this drone. Comes at a very affordable price and includes its own 4.3” LCD monitor built-in into the 2.4 GHz remote controller. It features Altitude Holder, an uncommon feature among drones of this price range. Hubsan Q4 H111D comes with a complete FPV package with all you need to fly FPV straight out of the box.
THE BAD Flight time is slightly low, only 5 minutes if using camera and FPV. It doesn’t feature Home Return, it would have been a very nice addition on this nano quadcopter.
BOTTOM LINE Overall Hubsan Q4 H111D is an outsanding nano FPV quadcopter for both beginners and experts, for a very affordable price you can get a nano FPV quadcopter with all you need to fly! It’s a perfect FPV small drone to own, very fun, great set of features, complete FPV package, manufactured by a widely known brand. Let your eyes reach anywhere with this nano drone capable of real time video transmission directly to a 4.3” monitor!
Is it expensive to have a dog?

Is it expensive to have a dog?

I got my first dog when I was 12, it was German shepherd. When you’re such a young kid you’re probably thinking only about playing with your dog. Vets, food, hair treatments.. that’s not your business. Mom and dad will deal with that. At least, that was my opinion when I was young. Later, when you become mom that have to deal with all that boring stuff, you realise some important things that used  to be strange to you. First of all, it’s not expensive to have a dog, but it’s not cheap either. If you’ll buy big, healty dog and feed him with cheapest food ever.. well, I don’t think you’re on the right path.

Cheap things are adding up

Having a dog requires consistant cash flow. Every here and there you have to buy him new food and treats. All of you probably know about that, and it’s completely natural. Now, every here and there you have to buy new collar, leash, playing ball, some new toy.. or whatever else. None of that is very expensive, but $10 plus $10 makes $20, right? If you’re okay dealing with all this, you should also count there could always be some unexpectable expenses such a injury that requires vet treatment. This can be pretty expensive if you’re unlucky (or your dog). Once my dog brake his leg, and that costed me around $400 in total. I could go cheaper of course, but I wanted only the best care for him.


I believe that, if you decide to have a dog you have to accept all responsibilities that comes with that. You’re not allowed, in my opinion, to go cheap on your dog. You’re not allowed to feed with with junk food or save money on vet treatments. I think all of us want our dogs to live as long as possible, and as happy as possible. Dog will always stay loyal to you and I think that loyality has no price. I can’t even explain to you how much I cried when my 1st dog died. All of us dog lovers knows how it feels!! 🙁

So, you’re too lazy to walk your dog?

So, you’re too lazy to walk your dog?

You’re not alone then! There are some pretty lazy and creative guys out there, one of them is creator of popular video where he walks his dog using drone. This is real use of drones, not some silly projects Amazon and Google are running. Drone delivery, what drone delivery? Fuck that! Walking dogs using drones is future, technology is becoming more and more advanced and we won’t walk our dogs anymore. Google and Amazon, in your face!! This is sarcasm obviously, but it doesn’t change fact this video is pretty funny 🙂 Take a look :

Pets versus drones. Post #1 :)

Pets versus drones. Post #1 :)

Ladies and gentlemans, good evening!

Today I have finally finished last details on design of this website, and we’re open for public now. This website is something I’ve been working on for last few weeks. Since I’m not really IT educated, sometimes I have some dificulities with regular tasks on PC. Luckily, with help of my close friend, I managed to publish my first website.

Here, I’ll talk about my view of winning combination, pets and drones. Now you’re probably thinking something like “what’s this guy talking about”. But trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been using drones to play with my dogs for last few months. When they get bored of classic ball or wooden stick, you need something new. That something new is called drone. Luckily, drones aren’t expensive as they used to be. Now you can get cool drone for less than $100. What’s best drone under $100? I really don’t know, but I’ll try to find it out.

Currently I’m preparing some materials that I make while my dogs enjoyed game with drones. There are some cool videos and photos coming, so please stay tuned and check this blog regulary. I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed.